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The Cornerstone show the love weekend experiences will be happening over the course of the summer. We have three unique weekends where you'll find opportunities to bless the community through service projects, relationship connections, working with kids and families, and just through having fun together as a church in very public settings.
More information coming soon... 

2:10 FOCUS

As a church, we strive to be engaged with God on a mission across the globe, in our local community, nationally, and worldwide we have partnerships everywhere. But how do we really live into that? To achieve this we will be part of the 2:10 focus. 
The 2:10 focus was put together by converge worldwide. Converge is the the partnership of churches that we connect with to make a greater difference across the world for the cause of Jesus together.

The 2:10 focus takes who we are as a church, your voice, your thoughts and brings them together. Helping match what we're most interested in with opportunities that exist in the world right now. 

We are so excited about the 2:10 focus as we consider who Cornerstone is and how God will use each of us to accomplish his global work in the world.  If you're interested in being part of the 2:10 focus team I would love to hear from you at


Over the last three months, we have been praying as a church board and as a pastoral team to see where God would lead us we have some participation in impacting our community.  We have a partnership potentially with a local Christian-based 501 c 3 home daycare that would love to become a daycare center. We have a facility that is prime time to reach and minister to kids. We're looking at creatively how can we use our space on a Monday through Friday basis to better reach and impact our community.

 Please continue to pray the following months for Cornerstone to provide opportunities that bless families and can create change in our community.  


We want to invite you and your family to a shared experience during family camp at Camp Patmos coming this August 19 through the 21st. The cost will be $75 dollars per person which include accommodations, food for the weekend, and all the activities that you can engage in. It'll be an experience where memories are made and good times are shared.

We are looking forward to experiencing family camp this summer with you and your family.
More information coming soon ...