Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

The mission of Cornerstone Church Crystal is the same mission Jesus gave his followers: love God, love people, make disciples and witness to Jesus's work in the world. 

The Vision

To fulfill that God-given mission, we would, as God leads, see Gospel saturation in our church, throughout the Greater Twin Cities and beyond through intentional disciple-making, racial reconciliation and missional church planting. 

Intentional Discipleship

Discipleship does not happen by accident. We believe the ways of Jesus are learned and lived through intentional engagement with God's word in relationship with others. We provide opportunities, both online and in person to center around God's word and learn together how to experience the life Jesus invites each of us into.


Reconciliation represents the uncommon way of Jesus to the world. The Bible tells us very clearly that every Christian has been given a ministry of reconciliation . This reconciliation begins by being reconciled to God (2 Corinthians 5:11-21) and continues through being reconciled each to one another (Ephesians 2:14-18). 

Missional Multiplication

One church cannot reach all people. Looking for God's move in our community, we seek out opportunities to start and support new gatherings of Jesus-followers (churches) who feel called to specific areas of ministry, neighborhoods or people in our community.

Experiencing the Gospel

The Good News of Jesus is what makes the difference.

Gospel In

The Gospel is experienced in you through faith and practice. Beginning life with Jesus comes through faith. Experiencing that faith comes through practice. Cornerstone identifies a few core practices that we encourage all people pursuing Jesus to practice: prayer, Bible study, serving, acts of worship (baptism, giving, communion and response) and pursuing Christian community. That leads us to "Gospel With".

Gospel With

The Good News Jesus proclaims and the good life Jesus offers is experienced in relationship with other people who believe in Jesus, too.  Cornerstone encourages every person to connect in Christian community with other believers. These Life Groups form around five rhythms of life together: story (God's story as a whole and your part in it), pray (seeking God together to meet needs), eat (friendship deepens around the table), play (have fun together) and serve (do good together). Life Groups are all connected to serving a particular cause or meeting a particular need together. That leads us to "Gospel To".

Gospel To

Jesus told his first followers, "Just as I was sent into the world, I am sending you." (John 20:21). If you believe in Jesus, you are sent to represent the good news! We look at three key areas of "sentness" to help others connect with Jesus' good news: networks (particular kinds of people who need help like single parents, teachers, the elderly, or kids who play basketball); needs (identifiable areas in our community that need help like homelessness, illiteracy, or food shortage); and neighborhoods (specific blocks or regions in our local community).

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