We know that for so many people, the emotional weight of the last couple of years is still there. In our Heavy series we want to approach some of the struggles of mental health that we know people are going through. Depression, anxiety, comparison, identity, grief. How does God meet us in those spaces? You may be struggling with those things or know people who are struggling. We want to invite you into a safe space to hear truth, hope, and opportunity for all who fight through these issues.

We would love for each of you to be a part of the healing of the Gospel and the hope of the Gospel.

Good Neighbor Series 

What if Jesus really meant for us to "love our neighbors as we love ourselves"? How different would the world look if people who love Jesus took the commandment literally?

Connect with Cornerstone Church this summer, in-person or online, and join a life changing movement to live out love!

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How can you be a Good Neighbor  ?