Gospel Listening

Mar 22, 2020    Dr Jeremy K. Bratcher
Worship begins when we remember together the good work of Jesus!

We relate to God through the work of Christ, the presence of the Spirit and the truth of the Word

Real Good News for Real Life Blues:
Week 3: Gospel Listening

Gospel Listening empowers you to ____________ ______________ with others.

Gospel listening is real time ___________________ with the Holy Spirit!

God’s story is _____________________ in your story!

All of our stories offer ______________ and _______________ ways to experience the Gospel together.

Gospel Listening:

Who do you credit or blame for the situation you find yourself in today?

Why are things or people not the way they are supposed to be?

Who or what will get you out of or solve what is wrong in your life?

How does the world look if all in it were good and right?

Responding to God is always based on our relationship with God through Christ.

Take time to answer the questions Pastor Jeremy taught through today.

How do you see God at work in your own life?

How does this help you pay attention to others?