As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Life Group Rhythms

The Good News Jesus proclaims and the good life Jesus offers is experienced in relationship with other people who believe in Jesus, too.  Cornerstone encourages every person to connect in Christian community with other believers. Our Life Groups form around five rhythms of life together: story,  pray,  eat,  play, and serve.


Everyone has a story to tell (or many stories to tell). We are, after all, story-formed people. More so, we belong to a greater story--God's story! The practice of story helps connect our lives together and together into God's greater intention for the world. Story is practiced by looking deeper into God's story and reflecting on where our lives intersect that story.


Serving as a rhythm is practiced in our groups as we serve and bless one another. Serving extends into our community as our groups do good and meet needs together. The rhythm of serving helps us pay attention to others,  see Jesus more clearly, and connect together in shared experiences with those we serve and with those we serve alongside.


The rhythm of prayer helps us be honest before God and each other. Prayer is a significant response to God's story. Where we see brokenness, we seek healing. Where we see goodness, we offer thankfulness. Where we struggle, we seek help. Where success has been found, we celebrate. Prayer is an essential practice to living out the way of Jesus today.


Play is time to break away from the grind. Sometimes play is seen as rest. Other times play is seen as enjoyment in a hobby, sport, craft or game. Because we don't have to earn God's favor, we can appreciate and enjoy life. Play helps us to enjoy the beauty of Jesus' completed work on our behalf.


The rhythm of eating together develops deep communion. The table has a way to help each of put our guard down and really enter into greater friendship together. Eating together reminds us that we all have a common need for God and His faithfulness to provide for our needs. We encourage our Life Groups to share at least two meals together each month.  We also encourage Life Groups to create space to invite friends who may not believe in Jesus to the table to experience faith in relationship with others.

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Life Groups help people grow in their faith through learning and developing faith practices, shared experiences and building community. Our Life Groups are hosted in smaller settings and more personal venues, both on campus and in other people's homes, throughout the week.   Use this form to help us connect you with a Life Group.