October 4th - 10th

"These commandments....impress them on your children..."

Deuteronomy 6:6-7


The world is unfair and it makes God sad. Sin and evil makes us treat each other as though we are not made in God’s image. Many of God’s friends, including Jesus, cried out to Him with their sadness about the world. God is sad with us and we can cry out to Him.
Watch Pastor Jeremy unpack and try out this week's activities.

Watch It

Family Message

Pastor Shawna shares about what Christian lament
is and how we can participate .

Do It

Messages of the World Snowball Fight

Part One
  • Brainstorm the messages the world sends about which people are better, more important or more loved and write those lies on the pieces of white paper.
    • (Examples: Professional athletes/Actors are better than normal people, God doesn’t love mean people, Jesus was white and loves white people more (Jesus was Jewish so he looked more like people from the Middle East).  
  • Crumple and throw at each other like a snowball fight for several minutes.

Part Two
  • Take the colored sheets of paper and brainstorm truths about who we are because God made us in his image. You can use the sentence stem, “All people deserve...”
  • Tape these messages onto the outside of a laundry basket/box and toss all the snowball lies into the box. God's truths are greater than these lies and the actual reality we live in!

Create It

Use the face outline to draw yourself with a sad face.

While you do that, talk about things that make God sad and what we can do to change things.

Talk About It

The questions are to spark conversation as a family. You know your family best so please feel freedom to use these tools in ways that work for you. The points under the questions are possible talking points to use as needed.

Ask: What is lament?
  • Being sad about those lies we believe or others believe
  • Being sad with God when we see others treated unfairly
  • We can be sad when we see things others have done badly and also for the things we’ve done that hurt people
Ask: What kind of things would cause you to lament?
  • Starving or hungry people
  • When a friend is treated badly because of their skin color
  • A friend who’s grieving a loss
  • People being bullied
  • Sin (anything specific?)
Ask: How can we lament as a family?
  • Take time to talk about hard things
  • Take time to sit with each other and allow for emotions to come out without trying to fix it right away
  • Remember that things make God sad too, don’t forget to invite Him into the lament and remember that He loves us most and wants only the best for us

Biblical Example:
For an example of how a time of lament (the NIrV calls it godly sadness) produced change for the good, you can read 2 Corinthians 7:8-11. Paul had written the church something that made them sad – he pointed out a sin in their lives. But, they chose to lament the sin and then turn away from it and worked to not do it anymore!

Recommended Article

Summary: Lament is not a word we use often now-a-days but it can be really helpful to teach our children the practice of lament. Teaching children the difference between whining because they don't get their way and crying out for unjustice are very different. If we can remember to read Psalms of lament with our children, we can give them the words to express their deep emotions that they may not know how to otherwise express.

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock.  Psalms 61:2

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