Events at Cornerstone

Prayer Experience 

We are inviting you to a stations of the cross walkthrough experience that is good for all ages. Through reflection, reading, music and interactive projects along the the way you'll connect with that powerful moment when Jesus went to the cross. Where he died, was buried, and rose again


January 2022

Faith has come / Women's Bible study 

Meet Cornerstone Women this January 12 as we begin a 6 week study of Galatians.
January 12-February 16. Thursday mornings 9:30-11:30am in Cornerstone U.

Come to know the letter’s original recipients. Study its original context and embrace its timeless relevance. Discover―or perhaps rediscover―what makes the gospel of Jesus Christ revolutionary to those who choose to believe. Find out how everything has changed, now that faith has come.

The eternal words God entrusted to Paul for the churches of Galatia are as needed today as they were when the ink was still wet on the ancient pages.

Useful to God: Lessons from the Life of D. L. Moody  

Every Sunday at 10:30 am in Cornerstone U starting  Sunday  January 15 for the next six weeks! 

Useful to God is not intended simply to describe a set of characteristics or to introduce you to Dwight Moody’s life and ministry. It is intended to challenge you to cultivate these characteristics and be willing to use them for His Glory.

Sacred Marriage  

6 week study on marriage on Sunday evenings January 15-February 19th at 6:30-8:30pm in Cornerstone U.

In this six-session small group Bible study Sacred Marriage, see how God can use marriage as a discipline and a motivation to reflect more of the character of Jesus.Your marriage is much more than a union between you and your spouse. It is a spiritual discipline ideally suited to help you know God more fully and intimately. Sacred Marriage shifts the focus from marital enrichment to spiritual enrichment in ways that can help you love your mate more. Whether it is delightful or difficult, your marriage can become a doorway to a closer walk with God.Everything about your marriage—from the history you and your spouse create, to the love you share, to the forgiveness you both offer and seek by turn—is filled with the capacity to help you grow in Christ's character.