Loving Your Family

Watch It
Check out the family message “Loving Your Church Family” on CornerstoneCrystal.org/kids

Create It  
Church Family Card
Put the poem sticker on the large heart. 
Decorate with the other foam stickers
Do It  
Bless a Church Family
The people we go to church with are our church family. We’re all children of God and we are like a really big family and God asks us to love and care for each other.
Ask God which church family member* He wants you to bless this week. There are so many ways to show love.
Here’s some ideas:
Make a meal (freezer or hot and ready), Drop off a favorite hot beverage, write a letter, make a video of you reading them a book, get a craft kit and drop it off and then have the kids get on a zoom call and do the craft “together,” gift cards
Don’t forget to give them the heart card you made with whatever you choose to do. J
*This pandemic piece is a new part of church-life for us and connecting looks a little different. If you’re new and haven’t connected, please reach out and let us know you’re coming around and we’ll do our best to connect you with some pretty cool people!

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