The Weary World Rejoices

Welcome to Advent! This is an incredible season of hope and reflection as we celebrate through remembrance of Christ coming once and anticipation of Christ coming again.

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Start here: Listen to this song: O Holy Night and read this scripture: Psalm 107

I had such great hopes for 2020. My childhood had me think of this crazy future with flying cars and silver jumpsuits. My professional life held hopes for leading Cornerstone into incredible opportunities of mission in our community, across our region, throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. And then 2020 happened. There was no way I could have predicted a 2020 quite like this.

In January, our family dog died. In February, we became foster parents (again). In March, COVID-19 hit. Since then, my family, much like yours has been tossed in a gamut of uncertainty.

Cornerstone, much like everywhere else, paused our in-person gatherings. Many, if not all, of our works habits changed. If you have kids in the home, you became encourager and educator. The threat of an seen micro-enemy still looms across the world.  And our souls are tired.

In May, a man named George Floyd was killed on the streets of Minneapolis. Another act of police brutality was caught on camera for all to see. This time, the world could not unsee the violence social media kept before our eyes. Generations of frustration came to head across the country with protests, riots and pain.

Then the election season came. The finger pointing and empty rhetoric was loud as candidates fought for position. Even with votes counted in every state, no concession of loss nor approval of victory has been released.

And our souls are tired. Psalm 107 tells the story of those God has rescued from desert wastelands, stormy seas, darkness and chains, rand rebellious ways. I can only imagine the weariness of each person in those ancient days. Yet, the unfailing love of God rescued each one. The weary soul rejoices!

Even in the middle of our own chaos, God's love over you is unfailing! Our redeemer lives! Our rescuer has come! His love never gives up! So give thanks tired soul and tell your story of the God's goodness in troubled times!

1. What has you most emotional or physically weary today?
2. As Christ has come, how do you wish he would restore you in your weariness?
3. What story do you hope to tell about God's unfailing love during difficult times?

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