Heaven's Hope Awakened

Today is Christmas Eve 2020. Tomorrow the world will celebrate Christmas Day. Why do so many people, those who share faith in Jesus and those who don't, look forward to Christmas Day?

Over the past few weeks we've reflected on deep longings for joy, peace and love. Those longings are captured in one word: hope!

Listen to this: Heaven's Hope by Travis Cotrell and then read Psalm 121.

The Psalm writer asks a question that demands an answer: "Where does my help come from?"

With great confidence the psalmist responds on your behalf, "Our help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth!"

Read that Psalm again. Did you catch the power of hope?

God is our help. God guards our way. God protects your life. There is no part of life where God is far from delivering you. The love of Christ keeps our steps...when we leave and when we return. God is with us in these moments and the moments to come.

This is Christmas friends. The deepest longings of the soul have a true response. Jesus, the hope of Heaven, has come. Our refuge, our watch, our guardian and our guide has come that hope be fulfilled. This is Christmas!

As the day itself comes closer, I pray that you find Christ even closer still!

The hope of heaven has awakened. May hope awaken in heart. Merry Christmas friends.

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