1st Corinthians Chapter 4

At the particular moment of this writing, Thanksgiving 2020 in America is upon us. Typically, Thanksgiving marks a beginning of reflection and review for me as I think about the past year and look forward to the next year to come. If I’m most honest about it, I’m kind of tired of thinking about this particular year. Yet, I can’t help but do so. To be thankful for anything is a pause on the moment and a rewind to what was. What am I thankful for?

If you’re like me, there are dozens of moments throughout this past year where “do-over” doesn’t seem to be a fitting enough term. There are other moments from this past year I don’t want to get close to again.

Yet, the challenge before each of us, is to see God over and in all things. The disruptions of this year, haven’t come without much grace. Yes, there has been grieving. But grace has been poured out all the more. Sometimes we need to quiet the noise around us to hear the constant whispers of grace.

The Corinthians were swept up in their own complaints. They were so focused on their troubles, their preferences and their reputations. They boasted over their hardships and never gave thanks for the grace they had received already through Jesus.

Hiding in the middle of 1st Corinthians Chapter 4 are these profound words that set a reflective tone for me this Thanksgiving: “Already you have all you want! Already you have become rich! Without us you have become kings! And would that you did reign, so that we might share the rule with you!” 1st Corinthians 4:8

Paul is reminding the Corinthians that in spite of everything they think is wrong in the world, the grace of God in Christ has come over them. If they could simply see how powerful and significant that grace was over them, they would feel free like kings.

Yes, days are hard. Grief can come over. But in those places of fragility, God’s grace reigns all the more. Where ever you are; however you are, may the grace of God carry you forward!

  • What are the 2020 experiences that drive your complaint?
  • Why do you think our complaints often overshadow God’s grace?
  • How do you think God wants to demonstrate grace over you in these things?

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